Reflective essay by Thanaporn Chumnarnsongkhroh (Saly) K1142983.:

21 May

Like people always say “Time flies so fast”, now it already passed through the end of the Design Thinking & Entrepreneurship in Practice class. It was over 7 months for the whole class. For me, it seems too soon to end this journey. Even though the business practices already ended up, yet it is the starting point to apply and adapt overall holistic business issues for real life in the future. After finished studying all modules, I would say it is the most productive class from my entire Master degree experiences. The Entrepreneur practices prepared me to become promptly for the real business situations that learning theory from the class and self- studying from the textbook cannot provide its value as the experiences of “Learning by doing”. The practical business activities taught me not only the way to apply the knowledge into practices but also, the special skills, attributes that are required as a critical concerns to individual for being a successful entrepreneur such as creative thinking skills, leadership skills, and communication skills. However, from both overall experiences I achieved, they recognised me that to build a new creative business in which can survive among the competitive environment, there are several components to be considered and it can be divided into 5 main key points consists of the ideas of products or services, The teamwork and collaboration function, the trait and practice to overcome business success ,and the marketing ,branding and networking.

The first essential resources to start business are the ideas of products or services and the right people to work for those. Having the right colleagues that can support and implement each others in terms of individual expertise skills and have the chemical match tends to be the perfect start. Since the class asked us to group in supportive function that everyone had to identify their role by self-evaluated on their strongest skills then, forming with the others who have different roles. I think the total differentiate can create the great combination that everyone can actually assist each others in every process of work. Fortunately, my group comprises of people who have vary unique background so we can specify and manage the role of each one clearly. Based on Amabile (1998) states group work feature is fundamental for every business since it’s the inevitable thing to work with many people nowadays. The more diversity in group means the more creative thinking will be brought up among the work context, yet the chemical match on attitudes and personalities is required in some cases. Sometimes working with the one who think in the same direction can heighten the creative and accelerate the flow work on the other hand, the dissimilar ideas that are shared among group discussion can expand the ideas of work as well. I’m so glad to say about the attitudes and personalities of members in my group get along very well and we also open-minded enough to share our point of views for the good of our group work. After, making sure that you have the good team, the next challenge is finding the products you are going to sell. For my group we took over one and a half months to find our best product or a service which is regards as the hardest part of the project. The lessons we learnt from this step is it is the time to be creative, well-researching, and open-minded. Think inside and outside the box also, research on current situations on market are the highlight for adding values to products and services. According to the Management and Creativity by Bilton (2007) pinpoints that creative is the ideas that novelty and useful so it is critical means for most organisation to take creativity into account of its business strategy, Combined with the great deal of changes and fast shifting of the advance technology in this era, how to cope with changes is very important to survive. Our group kept these two concepts in mind, we tried to find the most creative products and services that fresh, functional and suitable with the world situations. Finally, we discovered the right products. We decided to develop a black ugly square QR code into the colorful, stylish, and customised QR code stickers. It seems too simple if people say it is just selling stickers, but for our business, the stickers function would be the prior value since we concerned that in present days, people are trapped in the world of overwhelming information. Business people encounter many problems when they have to exchange their business cards, and it is time consuming and not smart. Instead of to reprint the new card that provides QR code, the function of stickers can save the money on that reason because our customers can put the stickers everywhere they want. As the top purpose of QR code that is built to facilitate users in order to dealing with these difficulties along with the ideas that stickers offer the best feature in its flexibility. It ensure that our business delivery the best products to our customers.

When the final decision of products is approved, as a marketer I have to identify the target customers so that we can reach through the targets appropriately. It is true that “customers is the heart of business”, we have to understand the demand of them and design the products to meet their needs. Anonymous (2009) on  points out that market research is some kinds of fundament practice for receiving the perception and feedback from customers. Effienciency market research’s results will hint business the right ways to overcome customer’s heart and can maximise the sales number too. In consequence, our group tried to do as much as we could by both primary research and secondary research which gave abundant of useful information to design and develop our business. All of member mutually agreed that we should use our QR products as marketing tools and we mainly spotted on online medium such as social networks because we think it reflect the identity of our products. But some questions popped up, How we are going to make our business become outstanding than other in this kind of medium? Fell (2012) suggests the beneficial tips to managing social media, the potential one I applied in my practice was posting our business inputs in the best time slots that the author reports. I did it on every social media vehicles from Facebook, Twitter to Tumblr which I think it gave the satisfied results in terms of feedback from customers and catching the eyes of online community we aimed to access. The article also recommends another resource, it is 1 minutes clip about “Strategy to create social network content” (Belicove, 2012). Despite it is really short but it cover all the best elements to accomplish on create a blast on social media; position the brand ,target audience, create persona and choose the most effective social network platform. I would say these four aspects are repeated in my mind again and again which I considered it is good for me that I always remembered the underlined points on marketing. The persona aspects lesson that our teacher taught in class and from this clip, we put it on the advertising video, try to give most concise concept to our customers which is business people who normally use Smartphone. The comments on advertising clip were really goods even something need to be improved yet it encouraged each team member to put more energy on the work.

In addition, I found the article “Strategies for success” (Richard Branson, 2012), it provides nine advices for all around concerns on business that seems very useful. One particular advice that our team members’ mindsets is about branding which Branson suggests brands (and logo) is the first obvious things customers will perceive therefore giving the meaning of brands and clarify them to customers are smart action. Unless if you don’t do, it means you give it away for your competitors to exploit your advantages.

As mentioned before that each of member in our business teams are taking a leading role of our own function. For me it means we have to lead other members when it comes to the task we take care of. I have a chance to study the concept of “Transformation leadership” (Bass, 1990 cited by Barr, 2011), It gave the practical key ideas to be effective leaders such as the required traits to foster other co-workers.

For all experiences by myself and group work, we had around 3 months to build our business and then the time to promote our brand in physical events comes. I and my group attended to every trade fairs that are compulsory. Each time we showed up, it gave different experiences and feelings to me. The first trade fair in Kingston University, I was extremely nervous and excited, however it gain better results than I expected. The second fair was in open market in Kingston town, this time totally challenged us due to there was no equipments and facilities that support our products so we had to change the sell strategy. This happen instructs our team to be more adaptive and flexible. Although we didn’t gain as high volume of sales as former fair, we experienced to deal with changes and constraints. The last performance on business team practices “The Dragon Den” was toughest task; our team put extreme efforts dedicated to this presentation. Since it is genuine collaborating that requires such a lot of well prepared, I made a lot of study by watching from existing examples “the real dragon den show” As posted on my blogs about Levi Root’s reggae sauce and his well presentation, it confirms me that business is also another form of art.

Besides, the blogging activities urged me to be more active in habit of searching new information and knowledge, it made me more eager to find the answers about things which I assume it is all benefit to myself. And it really support the lifelong learning concept as Candy (2010) states about the effective bloggers means they are a lifelong learner, the more they curious about new things and keep find out for information and knowledge the more your brain are active. She also adds that eagerness for learning does not set the blog become successful but it represent how happy and quality of the bloggers. The benefits of blog can be applied into marketing strategy like Baer (2012) suggest 6 lifelong practices on how to use blog as a marketing tools which I concerned that in this digital and internet ages, people spend most of their times online channel, it is a new rule to deeply understand the correct way to generate information as well as wisely perceive it at the same time. As the unavoidance stream of digitalisation, I accidentally run into the article by Bamforth (2012) who explains complicated ideas of the links between social media, convergence, and consumerisation to easy understand meaning. He illustrate the effective ways to deals which these too much emerging technology and make life easier with it. For me, writing blog as self diary helps person thinks more critical and more open-minded. Moreover, the sharing posts create the strong sustainable knowledge community as well.

To sum up, this entrepreneur class enhanced me to become more ready for my real life business goal. As I aims to have my own apparel brands, overall learning skills I got from the class and reality practices instructed me to be able to cope with all around business issues that I will encounter in the future life. The suggestions and comments, also the challenges and difficulties I faced, they made me feel more confident and fearless to start growing my own business path which I always worried before. Nevertheless, one more precious thing I got would be getting many good friends that even the class already finished, but not for long -lasting friendships.

(Word count: 1995)


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Be prepared for tomorrow Dragon’s Den presentation

2 May

Good evening everyone, I guess some of you guys are a bit worried or excited for big presentation tomorrow. For me and my group, We would say we are really nervous 😦

But after taking long hours for rehearsal today and will do couple hours more for tomorrow. It would help us to relax and be calm to become well presented on work tomorrow. So I decided to watch the real Dragon’s Den for getting some tips (and a little heat up for tomorrow as well) The Dragon’s Den clip that catched my eyes is from the guys named Levi Root who won the money from the judges by his Reggae Reggae sauce. At the beginning of his pitch,he came with singing and playing guitar (Of course it’s Reggae) the key points made him won the heart of Dragon, in my opinion it would be his personality; the way he presented himself and the attractive environment we built, in this point, I would say it’s music!! Together with the product (Sauce) that is quite unique and premium in terms of quality pave the way for him to easily get the winning prize.

Despite Levi came into the show since 2007, now he has gradually gained more and more popularity and seems like he is kind of celebrity. Now, his business is in the solid position, In these last 3 years, Levi received around 30 million pounds from the sales of his popular sauce. (OMG!!) How rich he is! Wow wow wow 😮

I think Levi is the great example for all young creative entrepreneurs who want to success in building his own brand coming up with the premium product.

Here is the link to whom may be interested:

Have a great night and See you in class tomorrow 🙂



(P)interest: the new found interest pin board :)

1 May

Hey guys, What have you been since my last blogging. I would say I’m overwhelming with my tons of assignments. There are five more to go only in May. Oh my god!! How can I survive? Well,I guess I will know in the end of this month.

Today I have a chance to really get into the website named Pinterest. In fact, I saw it pop up in my facebook’s new feed page many times before but I didn’t actually concentrate on it at all. Fortunately, while I’m taking a break off during hard working on assignment. I did reach through the website and found out. It’s kind of INTERESTING!! This website provide its function as social photo sharing in pin board style. Photo sharing sound boring,right? yet I think the pin board feature      can give you a sense of old school traditional shout out board which it is very classic and creative for me.

However, Let’s know about the real main functions of this website.

Pinterest allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, hobbies and more. Users can browse other pinboards for inspiration, ‘re-pin’ images to their own collections and/or ‘like’ photos. Pinterest’s mission is to “connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting” via a global platform of inspiration and idea sharing. Pinterest allows its users to share ‘pins’ on both Twitter and Facebook, which allows users to share and interact with a broad community.

I also found the article of this website which shows the interesting facts of it. First, Pinterest is driven primarily by images and pictures, rather than by words or links. Like Instragram (you can find on my older post) that they both gain massive popularity from social networkers in terms of Pictures are the most effective tools to communicate. Million words can not better explain than one picture. Besides, The second most-important element regarding Pinterest is that it’s powered by women. Most of the picture posted are around with the woman topics like Clothing, jewelry, interior decorating, arts and photography are always on display on Pinterest. And usually in a very visually-appealing format with beautiful images. So Pinterest may be improved as the new venue of fashion contents like fashion blog? Sound like very wondering topic 🙂

Pinterest also provide the good news for new enterprise who want to use this web as new marketing tools  as in the fact that sharing on Pinterest is more evergreen than on other social sites. According to (Tortora, 2012) Pinterest’s virtual pinboards are more static, so the images that you share are less likely to quickly get drown out by other content as it flows through. Therefore, if your create multiple pinboards tailored to a variety of products or catgeories, your content should remain more prominently displayed for a longer period of time, than say on Facebook, where it will fall down down your Timeline fairly quickly. There are already indications that Facebook’s new Timeline for brands is losing user engagement.

A big advantage Pinterest has over Facebook is that your pins are evergreen. Your pinboard does not disappear at the bottom of a timeline, never to be seen again. In the long run, Pinterest can become more valuable to your business than your Facebook page.” (Ehret,2012)

After exploring this website for a while, it would admit it will be my new interest and my new hobby. The power of sharing things is very powerful which really fit for the globalisation age where all knowledge, experience, information are linked in unlimited range. However, the carefully use of social media tools are highly required for all users  to be concerned. Hope everyone enjoy with the new interest social network website.

Good night!!


“Kids react to…” The voices from young spirits.

16 Apr

Hey, all along these Easters holidays was really kind of super busy for me. Since I had friends and family came to visit UK. We went many interesting places like Liverpool,Manchester and many more new place I have never been before in London. Now I feel very guilty that I  didn’t spend much times for coming assignments which it’s a lot!! So it’s time for work hard and concentrate just only studying.

However, as usual routines playing internet,this recently my brother send me a link of YouTube video he suggested me to check it out. It’s called “Kids react to…” There are a short video like typical YouTube one which about asking the kids about the topic that considered as hot topic but, in the way of more entertainment and soft.

The first one that I watched is about “K-pop stars” aka Korean music group bands. I guess all the kids in the show are American so their first point of views kind of not support the Asian phenomenon and it’s the culture barrier that they don’t get into Asian singers. Most the react was negative and the kids make fun of the performance of K-pop however, when the producer of the show asks the kids about their feeling LIKE or HATE, some says they are not that bad and some of these singers have talents in the same level or maybe more than some western musician. At first I think this Kid show is normal kid video just for killing time with no any advantages for watchers. But I relized that the propose of the show aims people to listen the little voices from youngers who always express straight forward,honest and INNOCENT. KIds which concerned as the most sincerely voice than any ages. In the real complicated world where olders always put the mask and tell only beautiful words, the truly innocent voices are hardly found. Moreover, in this video, I also got one more issue from the kids that even they are kids and think only what they perceive yet, some opinions they give are make sense and sometimes it looks critical thinking properly in their age. This show benefits for both kids and adults. For kids,it helps them to concern about the new more things in this big big world. And as for Adults, sometimes kids voices can  help you to rethink in whole different angles and teach us to be more honest with yourself also others.

From all I mentioned about this video, I recommend you to try watching the show. There are plenty of episodes, the kids talk in many issues from music stars, movies, TV commercials, cartoons, routine life,bullying to political news. The show is short and easy to follow up.

If would be great if you share your opinion about these kids show 🙂 Hope you like it!

See you soon, XOXO

The Instagram Mania!!

15 Apr

This recently, there was a huge news for online and social network world that Mark Zuckerberg, the renowned founder of Facebook, declared that he already bought the instagram application in 1 billion dollars. (Rusli,2012) This news seems as the hottest talk of the cyber town around this Easter holidays. Many people who haven’t familiar with What’s Instragram wonder what is it that special to make the genius Mark desperately hungry to buy it? So let’s learn about the particular Instragram…

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a free photo sharing programme launched in October 2010 that allows users to take a photo, apply a digital filter to it, and then share it on a variety of social networking services, including Instagram’s own. A distinctive feature confines photos to a square shape, similar to Kodak Instamatic and Polaroid images,typically used by mobile device cameras.

Instagram was initially supported on Iphone ,Ipad and Ipod Touch; in April 2012, the company added support for Android camera phones. It is distributed via the iTunes app st ores and Google play.

Why is Instagram so hot? 

According to Kosner (2012) Instagram got a million downloads in the first 12 hours. That’s on top of around 30 million iOS users added in the last 18 months and Apple naming it the best iPhone app of the year for 2011.

Here are the three factors that have really made Instagram take off:

Simplicity: Instagram has kept its product really simple and limited the number of options to keep it that way. Instagram is thoroughly unintimidating and the pleasure to pain ratio is high.

Speed: Instagram has been genius about engineering the experience so that users are unaware that they are ever waiting. This is important because Instagram-ing has become an interstitial activity, we do it in between everything else, and as Instagram founder Mike Krieger says, “Nobody wants to wait while they wait.”

Community: From the beginning the sharing has been as important as the processing features, and the experience there is fast and frictionless as well.

Because Instagram has built a large community quickly, people now recognize it as a distinct stream in their social media feeds. Each cryptic, false-color abstraction that passes by is an invitation to do the same. Each cosmetically blown-out photo of friends makes you think how much better you might look with a little more blur and a little less detail. Multiple channels and cash to expand them all will make these invitations all the more  widespread appealing.    

Kosner (2012) further argues that the reason why Mark was suffering for owning Instagram is Facebook’s mobile apps have underperformed. They need to play catch up fast. It’s important to recognize that Facebook has app problems on both fronts, its native apps (where Instagram is far stronger) and its HTML5 web app. Facebook gets twice as much mobile traffic on its web app as on its native iOS and Android apps. So the simple take on the Instagram buy is that Facebook is backing away from HTML5 and “going native” with the help of their newly acquired product specialists.

From all of this news along with my personal feeling that I have played Instagram for a while, I would say that The Instagram-ing is the new addict for me and millions of social networkers. It’s easy, it’s fun,and the apply digital filter is spectacular. It absolutely reflect the meaning of “Picture can say the best word”

Here is my Instagram 🙂 Saly_Thanaporn (If anyone wants to join me,I do very welcome)


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IQR at Kingston market place!! The second trade fair :)

22 Mar

Hello everyone,

Today is another challenging day of our IQR team. It’s our second trade fair. I would say that the first one was really fun and impressed. We got many customers than we all expected which mean a lot to all of our team members.

However for this time, due to the market place that is outdoor so we don’t have any electricity for our equipment. So today our team decide to promote and get the customers’ order as much as we can. We prepared the sample envelopes which include the sample product and the product description inside for the hope that our customers will contact us for more order.

When I arrived at the market place, the place was so lively crowd around numerous people which I would say most of prople is MACE students 555+ Our team got the space for displaying our products, we got just half of the table but it’s very ok because we don’t have any physical products like others. Today we aim to get the order, market our business,find more connections. Today we got just a few customers, it seems sad for us yet, we were fine because all the people around there were older ones who most don’t use smartphone or don’t interested in IT thing. So today was not the day of us at all. We didn’t regret and we will keep trying to find the right channel for our target customers.

When I post this picture on my Instagram page, I got a huge amount of likes from my network. Many of them told me how to have this kind of stuff and now they already became our customers. All of supports cheered me and my team to work out for our products. I always knew that our products don’t that physical and cannot catch the eyes of most people since it has many limitation, But the lesson for this, I think we did some products to be added with more values. That is quite okay for me. Maybe in the future, we will have more kind of products that extend from the ideas of QR code.

Now as the marketer person, I contacted the scan company (the one that sell scan application on smartphone) in order to get the sponsorship for our products. Our group are very looking forward to see a response form this company. Hope they like us and interested what we do.

HERE is some pictures of today’s event 🙂

Me at our booth ❤

Massive of people on each shop, So lively!! and the weather is very nice today 🙂

Our entrepreneur class gain massive welcome from people around market place.

Our lovely customer and the most talented saleswoman of our class 🙂

Left: The winner of the day “Curpy”. Really glad with you!! I like your products, very creative and practical.

Right: My teammate Mr. Toby (our salesman) and me 🙂

For today, I got many good memories from my team, my classmate, teachers ,the judges,and also our lovely customers. Thank you so much .

All the best ❤


See you soon 🙂

Fashion blogs: The main venue of online fashion goods (My research project part.2)

17 Mar

Last time, I talked a lot about blogs and its massive benefits. This time I would like to narrow it down to the topic of my research project that I’m quite interested in. As I mentioned my most interest is around fashion goods and online fashion blogs therefore, I decides to go deep down and explore how works of fashion blogs? And the possibility of its through selling fashion goods as a main venue. (I intend to specify the framework about online market just in my country)

In Thailand, There are also numerous of fashion blogs that have continually emerged. Most of them are seen to achieve the positive welcome by online fashion consumers. Since fashion blogs are considered to be as knowledge contribution where fashion netizen (internet + citizen) can consume, share fashion contents, In the other side the growing number of its popularity are taken into account of another opportunity for business purpose. There is a big controversial issue that many bloggers cover their hidden agenda and become indirect sellers. In this point, it doubt me that If fashion buyers perceive  fashion blog as their fashion bible, There are any possibilities to transfer fashion blogs to be the main venue of online selling channel? So any blames that bloggers are not work with good intention will be disappeared. Besides, other social media channels such as facebook or twitter, which Thai fashion retailers basically use as the main venue of selling their good. For me these two channels are extremely potential medium since it instantly connects with consumers. However, Fashion blogs that seen to offer more value in term of its contents, Can it become a main venue of purchasing instead of the normal online selling channel?

For more supporting ideas I found that…

Same as other businesses, Fashion industry which has been coming late to connect with social media than others, yet it is running on the track. It has moved their focus on online media to increase their sale volume not only just for advertising, promoting products but also selling their goods directly through online medium. From the luxury high-end boutiques to high street brands are now having their online stores, this can be said that fashion businesses are promptly offering their supplies to meet the massive demands of online customers. However, for small retail businesses that have been still working to gain their reputation and connection, the social network such as facebook or twitter seems to be the potential tools as their main sale channels to interact with customers. Otherwise, from my point of view, these entire selling channels are considered to be a normal way in online circumstance, it is quick, interactive, instantly updated but it’s not that valued. So the blogging ideas as the main venue of selling fashion goods would seem the better and more effective choice. Together with the current blast in the emerging of fashion blogs which receive a huge number of popularity which most of them appear in the form of personal-style blogs.

Gambrell (2012) supports bloggers are now the key players; this is the age of the next generation creating influential fashion forces via online revolution. Numerous voices of ordinary people who use blog for expressing and sharing their fashion experiences as their reflective diary have shaken the way people perceive fashion and follow the trend. Even people within industry are reading blogs to know the real situation outside which plentifully benefits them in kinds of market research. (Neely, 2010 cited in Peng, 2010) It’s no longer that designers and models to set the direction of fashion, now fashion bloggers are also join the part. And they are concerned to be one of those powerful roles. (Salter, 2010) Fortunately, some of bloggers saw their competitive advantage then, they turned their blog into career and make money with it. For example, Jane Aldridge, 17 years old teenager from Texas who is extremely passionate with vintage clothes and shoes, started her shoe line through her famous blogs www.seaofshoes by using her popularity (she gains around 75,000 visitors per day), on the report said that some of fashion pieces Jane wrote about on her blog, it can be sales exploded in such a short period.

Credited: Jane Aldridge from

For my research I aim to find out that fashion blogs can generate the buying volume of fashion goods through itself? And also be the main venue of selling fashion goods?

I mainly focus in two aspects to study the feasibility of this online feature (blogging). First, I will research on the relationship between “Fashion” and “Online”, also the environment and situation of them including fashion online retailer, fashion online buyers’ behavior, social media, and blogger etc. as well as the market research for the feasibility of fashion blog will be undermined in this part. Secondly, I will study on all elements that generate “Fashion blogs” Who are bloggers? What they do? Why they blog? How they work on their blog? How they create their reputation? How they achieve their popularity? And how they make their fashion blogs meet business circumstance? (How bloggers get their money on their blogs?) etc. And the purpose of this research is to apply its finding on the situation in Thailand where the feasibility study is taken place.

This is the thing I have to stick around for many months, It’s excited me so much to find many new things I would be interested but in the mean time, I also feel worried that it’s gonna work or not?

What do you think about my project? Do you have any suggestions for me? I’m appreciated and very positive if you comment some.

Best wishes,